AFE Performance Package & Accessories

A performance package usually includes a set of functional enhancements to the driveline of a vehicle sold and priced as unit. If it's you ultimate wish add up the power of your vehicle, then AFE performance package will be of great help. This performance package may contain enhancements like greater engine torque, greater engine power, lower ration gears to enhance low end performance which is now rarely available because of the requirements for model specific emissions and mileage certification.

Other enhancements may be a greater number of speeds in the gearbox, manual or automatic, clutchless manual transmission including steering wheel paddle shifter controls, turbo charger or supercharger that may include intercooling, cold air induction, dual exhaust system, special low back pressure mufflers that produce distinctive sound, special cosmetic badging hood scoop, or grille color. AFE is an active producer of performance package today. Its diesel performance package is a great way to increase your horsepower up to 115 abd 290 Ft Lbs of torque. It also improves fuel mileage by up to 10%. It also allows a change in performance level at a push of a button.

Yes, with AFE parts, you can reduce your car's air restriction while maximizing your engine's output. The AFE filtration products attract then trap pollutants and other air contaminant without having to reduce your airflow. As crucial parts of AFE performance package, these filtration elements are ultra durable and crafted to withstand extreme engine temperatures. Get that AFE performance parts today and experience a noticeable difference with your ride. Parts Train got all the AFE products you would surely want to grab including the AFE performance package. Check us out and get motivated to power up your car.