AFE Exhaust System & Accessories

Known in the auto market as among the top producers of high-quality air filters and intake systems, AFE guarantees that its AFE exhaust system is very much capable of bringing out the best in your ride. It is up to deliver four important functions: to control the noise coming from your vehicle's exhaust; to direct all the harmful exhaust fumes from the vehicle occupants; to help in enhancing the engine's performance; and to achieve excellent fuel consumption.

Composed of a series of pipes and boxes, the AFE exhaust system can generate a total of six gases. Three are considered as less harmful gases, while the others are hazardous not just to the environment but to human health as well. The latter includes carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and nitrogen oxide. All these gases must be effectively eliminated to prevent the catastrophe they can bring. And this crucial job is carried out by the exhaust, catalytic converter, and its monitoring system as they maintain the precise balance of vehicle emissions.

In the AFE exhaust system, one of the most important components is the catalytic converter. It is accountable for altering all harmful emissions into a more environmentally-friendly gas. Other integral components in the AFE exhaust system are the tailpipe and the silencer. The tailpipe is the one extending at your vehicle's rear, while the silencer is comprised of metal plates or tubes that have a series of holes.

Because of the exhaust system's essential contribution to your vehicle's performance, you need to keep it in tip-top shape as best as you can. Make sure that your vehicle is equipped with a fully-functional AFE exhaust system to prevent it from emitting an excessive amount of pollutants. The best way to do this is to have your emission and exhaust system checked at least twice a year. This way, damage such as cracks, leaking joints, worn rubbing mountings, and corrosion are detected early. Remember: only one product should be trusted when it comes to the exhaust system. This is the AFE exhaust system, which can be found right here at Parts Train. Buy one now!