AFE Down Pipe & Accessories

You can improve your vehicle by installing a brand new down pipe from AFE. Apparently, your adored vehicle is a representation of huge investment that you can guard by using newest parts and accessories. AFE can be your partner in making your ride and ownership more enjoyable. It is well known because of the world class quality and practicality of its complete line of auto parts and accessories. These products simply address your needs. There is no need for you to try other brands and become experimental. This will just waste your money in the end.

The AFE down pipe is the part of the exhaust line that connects the oxygen sensor to the catalytic converter. When installed, this will create a substantial difference on how your vehicle will function on the road. Even for racing use, the AFE down pipe made itself available to achieve maximum exhaust flow and quicker turbo spool up. The down pipe is a bolt-on application and mounts to the stock turbo or to HKS turbo grade kit. There are a certain number of HKS down pipes that are made from coated stainless steel or polished stainless steel piping. Basically, the down pipe opens up your exhaust with the flip of a switch, eliminating back pressure and allowing your turbo to spoil freely the power that your vehicle is capable of.

Note that the less you have back pressure, the better the turbo exhales. So no back pressure is actually good back pressure. Your turbo can really spool up faster and put down the numbers in the absence of the problem of back pressure. This can only happen with an open pipe. It is however not good for the street although it is great for the track. Parts Train has a complete line of AFE products like the AFE down pipe. For sure, there will come a time for you to need this component so we never lose AFE products in our stock. Shopping with us is definitely safe, convenient and fast.