AFE Cold Air Intake Filter & Accessories

If you provide your car's engine cooler and cleaner air with the use of AFE air filter, expect it to also provide you to more power. The commendable design of the AFE air intake filter is worth the entire accolade given by its customers. An air intake filter is designed to channel cooler air from outside the engine bay into the engine. Just like other air intake filters, this product is also high-flow and reusable. But what really sets it apart from the rest is that it is computer-designed to ensure that it reaches the maximum airflow and efficiency under all operating conditions.

The air intake filter has specially-angled pleats with various thicknesses. Through this, the cold air intake is able to prevent clogging and permit a more filtered air in the engine. This product also incorporates a 100% polyurethane seal to prevent air from avoiding the filter media. The seal that is found on this product is also more durable compared to foam seals and this is an indication that this AFE air intake filter can serve you for a long time. You can add the AFE air intake filter to your engine and it is offered in two configurations, Magnum Force Stage one and Magnum Force Stage Two.

The Magnum Force intakes can be a great replacement for your vehicle's stock airbox and air intake system. It keeps the incoming air separate from the rest of the hot engine compartment and this means that the intake charge is as dense as possible in order to attain maximum power. The filters are also made from 6 staggered layers of precision woven cotton fabric of decreasing size to heighten the airflow and ensure that all contaminants are restrained in your engine. Whatever configuration you choose, you are going to appreciate the free-breathing of your motor.