AFE Air Filter Recharge Kit & Accessories

If you feed your car's engine cleaner air, it will operate more efficiently. And the auto contraption that is responsible to feed this clean air is the air filter. It filters out harmful elements that can choke your engine and affect its performance. The air filter will not just provide cleaner air but also better fuel economy and enhanced engine horsepower and torque. It allows the engine to breathe in more performance-enhancing oxygen. Because of this important function of the air filter, it needs to be replaced at regular intervals and could still plummet depending on driving situations and how often your air filter is used.

To make sure that your air filter will not fail to operate prematurely, what you need is proper maintenance such as using the air filter recharge kit. AFE air filter recharge Kit was created to make sure that your vehicle's air filter will function at its best. Application of the air filter recharge kit can curtail the clogging of the air filter by putting the brakes on the engine's full power potential. The kit observes a two step process in obliterating dirt while re-oiling the hi-low filter. It is also advisable to scrub the air filter of your vehicle with the air filter recharge kit if the mileage reaches somewhere between 30,000 and 50,000 miles under normal driving conditions.

In cleaning, simply add oil and you are now ready to hit the road. The AFE air filter recharge kit is available in either an aerosol can or squeezable tube. An air filter recharge kit is a liquid solution that contains a 6.5 oz. aerosol spray or 12 oz. bottle and 6 oz squeezable tube of filter oil. When you clean the air filter of your vehicle, you will be assured of another 350,000 mikes of filtration. It is imperative to take car of your air filter with the use of AFE air filter recharge kit which can be found here at your most trusted vendor – Parts Train.