AFE Air Filter & Accessories

The air filter like the AFE air filter is an important component of the intake system because it is through this piece of equipment that engine breathes. For your air filter to work properly, the engine needs an exact mixture of air and fuel. The air enters into the system by passing through the air filter. The basic function of the air filter is to screen the air particles that could damage the engine parts such as the walls, pistons, cylinders, and piston rings. It also helps in keeping contaminants off the airflow sensor. The air filter also cleans the air that enters the crankcase for ventilation. Its other function is to act as a silencer for the vehicle's intake system. With this, you can now imagine how important an air filter is to your car.

There are two types of air filters, the panel style and the radical style. Most fuel-injected vehicles use the panel style air filter and the radical style is used on carbureted applications. The air filter sits in a holder which is typically a metal or plastic box. Air filter is inexpensive because of its simple construction. It is made up of disposable, pleated-paper or a fibrous material and has a sealing gasket that is composed of a synthetic material. There are also air filters that are made up of fabric or cotton-like material which is oiled in order to augment the airflow through the filter.

Now, in order to achieve the maximum performance of your engine, the air filter should always be kept clean. Replacement should be done on a regular basis regardless of how dirty it looks. However, more frequent replacement is needed if the vehicle is always used in dusty places and dirty driving conditions. Driving with a clogged air filter can definitely affect the performance of the car and it can also cause other systems to perform inefficiently. For your replacement needs, you can always count on Parts Train. Parts Train will provide you a huge array of auto parts and accessories, including the AFE air filter. Browse our catalog and find what you need.