AFE Car Parts & Accessories

Air Flow Engineering or AFE is one of the largest manufacturers of air filters and intake systems for cars and trucks. In order to maximize engine performance, the engine system must be free from contaminants such as dirt and bacteria that is present in the air. It is also important to have the correct amount of air-fuel mixture in the cylinder. Both the air filter and intake system of your vehicle is responsible in making sure of that. When the stock parts of your car are damaged, replace them with high-grade AFE parts.

The AFE air filter follows the simple principle and design if air-cooled engines. In engines, lots of deep fins will enable you to achieve more cooling air. Same with the air filter, in a way that the greater and deeper the pleats, the more air intake you can obtain. Compared to other filters, it has a wider surface area for intake of air and filtration. It also has superior trapping ability because it has several layers of high quality surgical cotton gauze. This oiled gauze acts as filter and traps even the tiniest particle inside. The epoxy-coated mesh prevents larger objects from penetrating the intake tract. It is made heat resistant by its urethane foam sealed-cap.

The AFE cold air intake is available in two versions that can be used in different applications – the Stage 1 AFE cold air intake and the Stage 2 AFE cold air intake. The former is designed with a high-flow air filter and heat shield. This type of intake is an alternative to the car's induction system that still uses the standard plumbing from the airbox. The latter is a step higher when it comes to performance. It has the same components as the Stage 1, but with an added precision-molded intake runner that runs the length of the turbo or intake manifold. It uses non-conductive plumbing materials that help in air flow, generation of more horsepower and cooler air.

The application of these high-performing AFE parts contributes to the great performance of your vehicle. You can use them on trucks, SUVs or compact cars. For top-of-the-line and genuine AFE products buy then at the leading online shop for car parts, Parts Train.