AEM Air Intake Tube & Accessories

Is your dying engine slowing your vehicle down? One of the most common causes of poor auto operation is restricted airflow into the car's combustion chambers, as well as high air temperature. If you suspect that your car has this problem, or if during your tune-up you discover that poor airflow or high temperature is messing with your car's performance, breathe new life into your vehicle with an AEM Air Intake Tube.Whether you've already equipped your car with a cold air intake or are still planning on getting this assembly, you can help boost airflow to your engine with the AEM Air Intake Tube. Also known as a cold air intake extension, the air intake tube is designed to enhance your engine's power by automatically turning your short ram intake system into a cold air intake. This air intake tube will let you mount your filter outside your engine compartment, allowing the filter to increase the volume of air that enters your engine and to collect only cold air from the environment.Crafted from heavy-duty 6061 aluminum, this tube has been mandrel-bent to ensure consistent air flow. It comes in powder-coated red and polished finishes, so you can be sure that it will add more horsepower to your engine while giving your engine bay a stylish appearance. Designed to be used with short ram intake systems with the part number 22-425, this multi-angled air intake tube is also perfect as a direct replacement for most AEM air intake systems.So if you want to have extra power boost without an engine overhaul, consider getting an AEM Air Intake Tube. To find out if this component is compatible with your engine, check out your car's manual or have your engine checked by a professional mechanic. You can also learn more about this air intake tube when you search for this product in our catalog at