AEM Air Headers & Accessories

The Apache Trail, Great Canyon, and Sledgehammer are some of the toughest trails out there. If you plan to challenge these off-road trails, you need to ensure that your ride has enough horsepower and torque to get the job done. However, the stock headers in your street machine aren't going to make your engine any better. They're just going to restrict the performance of the monster under your hood, keeping it from achieving its full potential. If you want extra horsepower and torque without overhauling, you need AEM Air Headers.These headers have CNC-machined mandrel bends that make the exhaust gases flow freely without obstructions. The inside diameter of the pipes is evenly shaped, resulting in free-flowing exhaust emissions. In addition to that, they come with fittings that are robotically-welded to make them absolutely compatible with your exhaust system. And while other headers are susceptible to emission leaks, headers from AEM Air have CNC-machined and threaded flanges that ensure that all their parts are tightly sealed. Once they're installed, your engine will surely perform better because there are no more restrictions to exhaust gas flow.Second-tier headers are difficult to install. Well, not the AEM Air Headers. They feature a CAD-rendered design that lets you bolt them to your exhaust pipes. They connect directly to your stock Y-pipes and the step-by-step process won't take you a lot of time. And since they're crafted from heavy-duty steel, they're simply built to last. Their pipes are engineered to handle the intense heat and pressure under your vehicle's hood without failing.The AEM Air Headers are what you need to boost your engine's horsepower and torque output. To get these amazing exhaust parts, simply check out our catalog here at After you choose the right part for your ride, we'll make sure that you get them right away.