AEM Air Cold Air Intake Filter & Accessories

A high-quality cold air intake can boost your engine's fuel efficiency and performance. However, without proper maintenance, the cold air intake will be good for nothing. That's why its filter should be replaced regularly. In selecting a filter, pick one that comes from a trusted manufacturer. One that's guaranteed to give you extended years of service. Consider an AEM Air Cold Air Intake Filter.Unlike regular air filters that have a service limit of one to two years, the AEM Air Cold Air Intake Filter is crafted for lifelong service. The secret behind this filter's long service life is its non-woven and polyester-based material, which makes it tougher and more effective than cotton gauze filters. Its synthetic construction also allows it to withstand regular cleanings. It's also water-resistant, so there's no risk of tears and damage on its pleats. The filter features a mineral-reinforced internal plastic cage. This extra-hardwearing cage reduces the chances of air filter collapse, which is often caused by overwhelming airflow. Plus, it has a lightweight co-pleated aluminum wire mesh supporting its construction, making it lighter and stronger than your typical mesh filter cage.The filter from AEM Air has a unique dry-element cone design that helps it attain a 99.52 percent filtration rating, making it one of the best replacement cold air intake filters you'll find. It's a universal filter that's perfect in both street and strip applications, so you won't have to worry about fit and compatibility. And because it doesn't need oil to trap airborne contaminants, it's incredibly easy to clean. Simply use the environment-friendly Dryflow Air Filter Cleaning Kit and you're good to go.You can learn more about this high-quality AEM Air Cold Air Intake Filter when you check our catalog here at Just key-in your car's make, model, and year in our user-friendly interface and our servers will take you to our catalogs.