AEM Air Air Temperature Sensor Adaptor & Accessories

Air intakes keep the air that reaches your engine cool. The cooler the air, the more compact and oxygen-packed it becomes. So, combustion efficiency shoots up. However, your stock air intake needs to have its temperature checked at all times to ensure that the fuel system sends the right amount of fuel to match the air. To do that, every intake is equipped with an air temperature sensor. Sometimes, though, the sensor fails because its components go kaput. One of these components is the sensor adaptor. When it goes down, replace it immediately with an AEM Air Air Temperature Sensor Adaptor.Designed for a short ram intake system, the AEM Air Air Temperature Sensor Adaptor is designed to fit your ride's air temperature sensor easily. It's crafted from heavy-duty materials, so you can be certain that this adaptor will last for years. It can also withstand various forms of abuse, and it can handle extreme pressure and temperature. To protect it from corrosion and other damaging elements, it sports a slick chrome finish. Compared to other sensor adaptors out there, this one is pretty easy to install in just a matter of minutes. All that you'll need is a mounting crimp collar and the right installation instructions to help you install the part in a jiffy.The air temperature sensor adaptor is designed to withstand the rigors of daily driving. Manufactured using the latest technology, it's definitely not the traditional sensor adaptor being sold in your local auto parts store. On top of everything, it's affordable and comes with a limited warranty from the manufacturer. Because of that, there's no need for you to break the bank just to get this product.For more information regarding this top-caliber AEM Air Air Temperature Sensor Adaptor, you can visit anytime. You can also chat with our well-trained customer service personnel regarding your concerns.