AEM Air Air Filter Recharge Kit & Accessories

An AEM Air air filter is all it takes to bring your vehicle's horsepower level from nice to absolutely fantastic. With a dependable filter from the brand, only clean air will reach your engine. This will guarantee more efficient combustion, horsepower boost, and increased torque. Over time, though, grime, dirt, and dust accumulate on your filter. To restore it to its old glory, simply clean it using an AEM Air Air Filter Recharge Kit.This air filter recharge kit will help your ride's air filter perform at its best, whether it's an AEM Air filter or your stock filter. It will clean up your air filter, removing all the dust, grime, and muck that it has accumulated over the years. This kit comes in two types: one for oiled-type filters and another one for non-oiled filters. It comes in 12-oz. and 8-oz. bottles, designed to cleanse your dirty air filter without the risk of damaging its filter medium. All you need to do is mix the cleaner with water, dip your soiled air filter into the solution, shake the filter while submerged (see to it that no water reaches the filter neck), and let it dry. With just these easy and simple steps, you can clean your air filter in no time.The AEM Air Air Filter Recharge Kit is clearly what you need to give your air filter a thorough cleaning. If you want to ensure that the service life of your AEM Air air filter will last a lifetime, be sure that you use only this air filter recharge kit when cleaning it.To get this top-caliber AEM Air Air Filter Recharge Kit, simply explore our complete catalog at . Once you place your order, our top-caliber delivery team will bring the part right to your doorstep.