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About 50 years ago, cotton-gauze was considered the best material for making auto air filters. Nowadays, it's no longer the case—people have figured out that cotton-gauze is best used for medical bandages. Unfortunately, most leading filter manufacturers out there are still stuck with cotton-gauze filters. Times have changed, and it's time to invest in state-of-the-art technology. That's why you should consider replacing your stock cotton-gauze air filter with an AEM Air Air Filter.The AEM Air Air Filter boasts of a 99.52-percent filtration efficiency rate. Because of that, you can be sure that the air entering your engine is clean. With this aftermarket component in your engine, your car will get improved engine efficiency and more horsepower and torque. Instead of a flimsy cotton-gauze material, this filter uses a non-woven polyester base as its filtering medium, so trapping dirt and small particles is easier and more efficient. Aside from that, this component is reusable. Simply clean it with a recharging kit when necessary.The air filter from AEM Air will give your engine more power-giving air while minimizing engine-killing dirt. Debris won't get clogged in its filtering material because it doesn't require filter oil. Installing it is also easy and you only need less than an hour and simple tools to set it up. With regard to compatibility, this unit fits many makes and models. This allows for easier installation and better performance. And that's not all. The part even comes with a limited warranty from its manufacturer.If you want more information regarding the AEM Air Air Filter, you can check out our selection of parts at If you need assistance, you can contact our customer service representatives anytime. With a couple of mouse clicks and key strokes, you can put this air filter inside your virtual shopping bag.