AEM Air Air Bypass Valve & Accessories

Cold air intakes are designed to do one thing: suck in air and cool it down to make it more compact. Compact air is denser and packed with more oxygen. This ensures more efficient combustion and more power from the engine. But, cold air intakes can also draw in something that can be lethal to your engine: water. For superior defense against this, equip your cold air intake with an AEM Air Air Bypass Valve.The air bypass valve will keep the monster under your hood from drowning. Once your cold air intake gets submerged in water, the valve shuts down the air flow coming from the main filter. To compensate for this, oxygen-rich air is drawn from an external diaphragm instead. And to ensure that no dirt, grime, and contaminants will reach the engine cylinders, the valve is equipped with a high-quality foam filter. While other air bypass valves simply crumble when the pressure is on, the AEM Air Air Bypass Valve comes with a sonically-welded, nylon-reinforced cage that keeps it strong. Additionally, the part boasts of unique urethane flapper valves that can withstand harmful chemicals and other damaging elements.With the air bypass valve from AEM Air, your ride will never sputter even if you drive through deep puddles, floods, and even snow. To install it, simply find the upper portion of your inlet pipe and mount it right there using the hardware that come with it. You can also consult the service manual that comes with the entire package to make the process easier.To get this top-caliber AEM Air Air Bypass Valve, simply navigate With our complete catalog of parts, you're sure to find this product easily. And for more information about the part, you can call our well-trained customer service representatives anytime.