AEM Air Car Parts & Accessories

Want more air in your engine to blow your car away? Why not?! Air, after all, is a free element, unlike fuel. So if you want to upgrade the performance of your vehicle, what better way than to enhance the air intake in your ride to enable it to deliver more air to the engine? And when it comes to air intake upgrades, AEM Air can help you!

Since the start of its operation, the manufacturer had always been focused on performance enhancement. It had been in the business for more than two decades now, and it has pioneered many of the developments and innovations in the automotive intake market. The company started in business focusing on street racing vehicles, so it had known performance from the start. It is credited for the engineering of the first packaged air induction systems, and it also introduced innovations in air filter design, MAF sensor engineering, and intake kit compositions. In fact, AEM Air is the company behind the common intake upgrade today known as the cold air intake. Truly, this brand is one company that you can rely on for the upgrade that you need.

Some of the AEM Air parts that you can get and install in your vehicle are its cold air intakes and short ram intakes, its air filters and filter cleaners, together with intake tubes and hardware. Depending on the intake upgrade that you get, you can enjoy an average of 10 horsepower once the new parts are installed. And, many of its parts also look great-such as tubes having different finishes. They're not just ideal for upgrading your driving performance but as well as for spicing up the look of your car's engine bay. Some of its parts, however, are not legal in states like California, so be careful when you get them. Know the full specs to avoid problems later on.

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