AEM Throttle Body Spacer & Accessories

To be able to have and to drive a high performing vehicle, it must be equipped with high end working parts in order to assure great road ability. The AEM throttle body spacer will deliver a great ride experience whether you are going for an off-road drive or normal street conditions. If you are aspiring for more power, throttle body spacer is designed to enhance the air intake into the cylinders where the exact amount of oxygen is able to mix with the fuel to generate power. Through this, generous amount of air is circulated in the engine for a more enhanced performance.

The throttle body spacer can be found in the fuel/air intake area of your vehicle's engine. It is designed and crafted to improve the quality of air that flows in your engine. It also provides a more condensed air and results to an efficient combustion. Because an enhanced airflow is the goal of this component, the computer of your vehicle can now detect the increase in oxygen which makes adjustments to the air/fuel mixture. Less harmful emissions will be released since there is improvement in burning.

Aside from the throttle body's main function, it also preserves the other components of your vehicle that are responsible in measuring and controlling emissions. These components include the oxygen sensor and the catalytic converter. Another favorable function of this product is that it maximizes the fuel mileage of your vehicle hence leads to a satisfactorily drive. This way, you will be able to save money on fuel/gas. This is the reason why it is considered to be an inexpensive form of car modification because money wise, it will slash a lot of fuel spending on your budget. Installing a throttle body spacer is hassle-free if you have all the hardware needed. AEM throttle body spacer is durable, reliable and a sure way to achieve high performance ride. You can find this throttle body spacer from AEM here at your trusted online auto parts provider – Parts Train.