AEM Strut Bar & Accessories

Difficult cornering can be oftentimes encountered even in the gentlest curves. It could be a sign that you have a problem in your suspension system particularly on your car's strut bars. A strut bar like the AEM strut bar is a brace that provides extra strength between the strut towers. In order to minimize the flexing that is usually experienced by tower struts, strut bars tie together the two parallel strut towers. Strut bars are the ones that reduce the chassis flex because they compress and tense the cornering.

The reduction of the chassis flex will result to a more rigid chassis and drastically lessens metal fatigue in the strut towers. Various strut bars are offered in the market today and you can freely choose between the original and replacement parts. Usually, they are made from T6061aircraft grade solid billet aluminum in order for them to be durable and lightweight. Because of strut bars, you will be able to obliterate body flexing and you will instantly distinguish the difference especially if you have to corner and the road has hard turns. Strut bars are perfect for vehicles that have stiffened suspensions or vehicles that have bigger tires and wheels.

Because of the importance of strut bars, it has long been considered to be standard components in every automobile. So if your stock strut bar is in need of replacement, have it replaced right away. But you have to be very careful in choosing the right brand for your vehicle. AEM quickly earned its reputation for its custom fabrication work and ability to develop the fastest vehicles. AEM also assures its customers that the performance products are not only proven through dyno-testing but as well as in the real world testing. Get AEM strut bar and you will surely be satisfied with its excellent features. Browse our catalog for more choices.