AEM Spark Plug Wire Cover & Accessories

The ignition system in your vehicle has two types and these are the electronic distribution and the distributorless ignition. The first type of ignition system is the one that provides the spark that ignites the air/fuel mixture in order to generate power to your car. The timing of the spark is important to maintain the performance of your vehicle. Also, the spark plug must be able to resist extreme heat and pressure inside the cylinder. The spark plug must also be properly designed so there would be no build up of deposits from the fuel additives. To guarantee the efficiency, all the components must be regularly inspected and the spark plug be replaced whenever the need arises.

The spark plug and the spark plug wire works in a synchronized manner. The spark plug wire connects the spark plug to the distributor. These wires are heavy duty electrical wires carrying hundreds of thousands of volts as it travels from the spark plug wires to the distributor and other parts of the ignition system. But because of the immense electrical load it carries, they too, are susceptible to extreme heat which later on causes the failure of the spark plug wire. Spark plug failure can result to engine misfiring, fouled spark plugs and rough running of your vehicle. So it is a must to give the utmost protection to your spark plug wire. Install it with AEM spark plug wire cover.

AEM spark plug wire cover protects the spark plug wire and is machined from billet aluminum and they also feature the AEM logo on the cover top. Because the spark plug wire serves an important, it only deserves to be treated well and protected from any harmful elements. Get your AEM spark plug wire cover here at Parts Train. Our catalog also other auto parts from AEM. Feel free to browse our catalog and discover what we have in store for you.