AEM Power Programmer & Accessories

If you own a vintage vehicle and you know that is it no longer capable of providing you the power you need, well, what you need is a good set of wrenches for an additional torque and horsepower. But with newer models of vehicles, sometimes a little box is enough for you to achieve extra torque and horsepower. AEM power programmer is a state-of-the-art device that will not only provide you excellent engine performance but also better fuel economy, tire-turning torque, and load-hauling horsepower. It drastically improves the capacity of your engine to perk up the demands of your driving. It is considered to be an avant-garde design that efficiently controls all the engine settings in decreasing enhances for engine failure and maintenance cost.

AEM power programmer works in order to unleash your engine's fullest potential. It is an automatic tuning computer to maintain the accurate levels of fuel and power consumption and the proper temperature in order to maximize the performance of your vehicle. It is also engineered to be compatible with your factory computer settings. For your power programmer to work is as easy as one-two-three, all it takes is to plug it to the diagnostic connector. It accelerates the operation of your engine in efficiently controlling the temperature, fluid consistency and fuel consumption. For an increase cool air intake, it also allows the use of low-temperature thermostat. Power programmer also achieves full-throttle gear changes in order to match your driving preferences.

AEM power programmer can be installed instantly without hard-to-find tools or knowledge in computers because it is designed to compatibly work with the original settings of your computer. Aside from maintaining the excellent working condition of your car's engine, it also increases the ECU operations. Power programmers are not only performance efficient but are also helpful saving a huge amount of cash and it is expected that this product will serve you and your car for a long time. So get your AEM power programmer from us now and get back on the road with confidence.