AEM Performance Pulleys & Accessories

The power steering, air conditioning, air pumps, alternators demand so much horsepower in your vehicle. But because of AEM performance pulleys, you can now enjoy the same comforts that your car features without letting go of additional horsepower and torque. AEM performance pulleys are an underdrive pulley system and work by driving your vehicle at a slower rate compared to the original settings. The slow rate or the controlled speed is a manifestation that the engine is exerting less effort in spinning the performance pulley and other devices. The less work of the engine also means that the wheel is moving forward with extra power.

Performance pulleys increase the cooling by speeding up the water flow and fan speed of your vehicle. Typically, a performance pulley can free up as much as 15 horsepower without hurting too much of your budget. Other aftermarket dealers has a wide selection of underdrive pulley configurations which gives the car owner the freedom to choose whether to tweak or alter the amount of the underdrive that are built in the pulley set. This kind of feature is very beneficial especially to those that aspire to achieve the power steering and air conditioning pulleys.

Performance pulleys are constructed from billet aluminum components which guarantee that they are lighter and stronger than that of your stock pulley. Because of this, you will be able to reduce the amount of drive power that is necessary in running your car. Performance pulleys are also specifically designed with a distinct groove pattern and width to maximize their efficiency. Other aftermarket underdriven pulley is susceptible to charging and drivability problems due to excessive use while this product will not affect the charging system of your vehicle. So improve your throttle response, horsepower and your sense of adventure with AEM performance pulleys.