AEM Oil Cap & Accessories

As part of the ever increasing demand of car customization, even the most ordinary looking component in your vehicle does not escape in this matter for AEM oil cap is fabricated from billet aluminum and black anodized. The colored center cap is included with the oil filler cap and is available in blue, red, and is brushed with silver AEM logo. This product is a sure fire hit because it is designed to further enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

The AEM oil cap is not just a stylish cover but it is also important in sealing your fuel tank. It bears the AEM logo so it can ensure every car owner that it is genuine. It is efficient in securing your fuel in the tank and curtails leaks and other harmful fumes to evaporate. Advanced and efficient technology is integrated in the threading design in order to ensure a reliable operation. Through this, it effectively isolates your engine from those that could cause harm. It also bears a carefully threaded design that achieves a secure fit and shut for effective coverage.

Oil caps are a necessity that every car must be equipped of. They are important in keeping your fuel safe from elements that could ignite or blow it up. Also, fuel vapors that are extremely combustible are kept within the tank. It is designed to replace original factory caps to offer you a more effective option of sealing your tank while adding accent to your car. Because the safety of your car is as important to its appearance, make sure that your vehicle is equipped with the right oil cap. These may be ordinary components but they contribute a lot in making your every journey on the road a lot satisfying.