AEM Intake Bypass Valve & Accessories

You should consider protecting the cold air intake installed in your car with the AEM intake bypass valve if you want a truly powerful, smooth, and impressive performance on the road.

A properly installed cold air intake provides colder air, which means denser air, of course. There is more oxygen for your cylinder, allowing your engine to burn more fuel and produce more power. But all this show of driving prowess is most likely to go down the drain once your car sinks into a deep rain puddle. The cold air intake's location, which is very close to the ground, makes it extremely vulnerable to water. Thus, you need to have all the protection that you can get for your cold air intake.

The AEM intake bypass valve is a brilliantly-engineered solution to stop your engine from going virtually dead when submerged in a deep pool of water. Located just before the air filter, it is tasked to keep your engine going even in harsh conditions. As your engine attempts to draw water, the AEM intake bypass valve provides a slight vacuum in the pipe to allow the engine to breathe air. This slight vacuum provides opened rubber flaps that allow the engine to breath through a small bypass valve foam filter. After the water level drops, the vacuum goes away while your main filter starts to supply fresh air once again. With the AEM intake bypass valve, hydro-lock is eliminated, keeping your cold air intake performing well.

If your car is already installed with the AEM intake bypass valve, there is no need to panic when torrents of rain suddenly hit the roads while you are driving. And if you do not have it yet, start looking for one now to experience its wonderful benefits. Acquiring the AEM intake bypass valve for your car is never a problem with Parts Train. We offer only high-quality aftermarket systems and parts such as AEM products. All you need to do is browse our online parts catalog. For more assistance, please contact our adeptly-trained customer service representatives by phone or email.