AEM Headers & Accessories

The exhaust system of your vehicle is the one that conveys burnt gases from an internal combustion and it is composed of a collection of exhaust pipes. Its key function is to vent used gas from your car's engine. It is also composed of several components that help in making its job a lot more efficient and it includes the turbocharger, catalytic converter, and the muffler. The exhaust system is also composed of headers, commonly known as exhaust manifold. Headers are designed to boost the engine's performance by simply letting the exhaust flow more freely or by tuning the exhaust to improve performance during a specific engine rpm range.

Generally, the design of headers like the AEM headers is circular steel tubing that is able to bend and fold so the path from each cylinder's exhaust port to the common outlet will be of equal length. It is also joined at narrow angles to encourage pressure waves to flow through the outlet and not to the other cylinder's direction. When cylinders don't have to fight each other to expel their exhaust, they can now put more power in the wheels, thus performance is expected. AEM headers also come in various shapes and sizes so you can freely choose depending on your car's specifications.

Majority of car owners prefer aftermarket headers. You will only need a properly designed header in order to produce a performance exhaust system. Properly designed headers means, it must make a solid connection to the engine. You can achieve this through proper sizing of the design stage and the proper selection of the gasket type and size suited for your engine. You can find the widest selection of headers here at Parts Train. If finding the perfect headers for your car bothers you, Parts Train can easily solve your dilemma. Different kinds of headers can be found here, there are headers made of steel or lighter-weight aluminum and there are also headers with high-temperature coating.