AEM Fuel Rail Adapter & Accessories

Your car needs to be equipped with a fuel rail in order to transport fuel at specified pressure and flow rate from the fuel chassis lines to the fuel injectors. Also, it is only through the fuel rail that you can maintain the injectors' position that aid in the proper spray pattern of the fuel to the intake valve. Thanks to the innovative auto technology; these days fuel rail evenly distributes fuel to each injector and thus providing a steady mass of fuel to every combustion cylinder at constant pressure. Also, contemporary designs of fuel rail are meant to optimize fuel delivery, hot fuel handling, evaporative emissions, packaging, weight, calibration time, idle stability as well as NVH requirements.

A pipe that resembles a rail, your fuel rail is crafted to have a pocket or seat for every injector and an inlet for fuel supply. There are also some fuel rails that are incorporated with an attached fuel pressure regulator. Basically, engines with multi-point fuel injection systems employ fuel rails while some make use of a fuel distributor with individual pipes or tubes to feed every injector alternatively. With AEM, you can be sure that everything is made supreme and tough. True – AEM high volume fuel system components are engineered with fuel delivery capabilities needed to support high-horsepower engines. The AEM line of products such as the fuel rail, fuel filters, fuel pressure regulator and AEM fuel rail adapter are built to install using factory hardware and are pre-tapped from custom fuel lines.

The AEM fuel rail adapter provides a better flow and more fuel to the injectors that stock rails. Original Equipment manufacture or OEM products do thrive in the market today and they are fairly for use. But if you want to experience a difference in performance, choosing their aftermarket counterparts is definitely not a bad idea. Parts Train is even proud to offer aftermarket products like those made by AEM. We got AEM fuel rail adapter, fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter recharge kit and many more. Gram them here at Parts Train.