AEM Fuel Filter & Accessories

The AEM fuel filter effectively traps the unnecessary particles in the fuel to prevent them from getting into the engine. Positioned along the fuel line, it protects your engine from premature damage. Thus, it remains an indispensable component in today's tight-tolerance engine fuel systems.

Unfiltered fuel may have various kinds of contamination. Paint chips and dirt that have been knocked into the tank while filling or rust due to moisture in a steel tank can be possibly carried by the fuel into the engine. When accumulated, these abrasive particles can harm some of the engine parts, thus affecting the overall engine performance. Among the high-precision components employed in modern injection systems, the fuel pump and injectors are the most likely to get damaged.

You can expect an improved fuel performance when there are fewer contaminants present in the fuel. Ideally, you need to maintain the fuel filter in your vehicle at regular intervals. There are fuel filters that can be cleaned and reused a certain number of times. Replacing your stock fuel filter with a new one, preferably the AEM fuel filter, is also another option. When not replaced at the right time, the fuel filter may get clogged with contaminants, therefore causing a restriction in the fuel flow. This can cause a substantial drop in engine performance as the engine struggles to draw adequate fuel for normal operation.

Vehicles are equipped with a fuel filter depending on the fuel delivery system. Those that make use of the principle of vacuum to suck fuel into the engine have a fairly low pressure fuel system. The fuel in the carbureted system passes through the fuel-resistant hose. On the other hand, automobiles with electronic fuel injection use fuel that is highly pressurized by a pressure regulator. More often than not, the fuel air filter with an inlet tube overhanging from an end and an outlet tube protruding from the other is built from either metal or plastic. Fastened over each end is a hose with a circular lamp. Regardless of the fuel filter that is installed in your vehicle, always remember that keeping it in tip-top shape is the key to maintaining your engine's good performance. And if it becomes faulty over time, simply replace it with the AEM fuel filter. We guarantee that Parts Train has the right replacement products for your vehicle.