AEM Engine Management System & Accessories

If you are the type of driver who ceaselessly wants to achieve maximum engineb performance, you should consider upgrading your engine with the AEM Engine Management System. Integrating this into your vehicle can deliver a significant difference when it comes to various engine operations.

For racing vehicles, the AEM's plug and play Engine Management System is a total must-have. You will surely not encounter any hassle when using this engine enhancer as it can be directly plugged into your vehicle's factory ECU harness. There is no need for additional wiring or any hardware. With compatible Windows software, the task of copying, viewing, and manipulating data can be done in a matter of mouse clicks. User-defined templates can be easily configured as well, thus enabling you to set up "quick keys" to all important information during the tuning process.

It does not matter what type of injectors, sensors, or coils have been added to your vehicle, or even if there are other changes that have been made to it. An integrated tuning wizard will allow you to create a base map specifically for your car's configuration. Equipped with a Manifold Absolute Pressure, the AEM Engine Management System can eliminate the factory MAS, control nitrous oxide, and boost controllers. Its unlimited adjustable software will give you the privilege to virtually program any combination of engine control, power address, and auxiliary devices. Also, expect the right amount of fuel delivery and precise ignition timing for any boost level or operating condition when the AEM Engine Management System is employed in your vehicle.

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