AEM Cold Air Intake Mounting Bracket & Accessories

If you are considering car modification, the very first thing that you should consider upon purchase is which brand to use. Of course this is important since you do not want your money be wasted just because of purchasing a product that will not work well. But do not worry too much, since AEM is here for you, providing the requirement you need with the AEM cold air intake and its components such as the mounting bracket. Why do you think you still need the AEM cold air intake mounting bracket?

Before you can install the AEM cold air intake, you will need first this AEM cold air intake mounting bracket especially if your vehicle is not equipped with mass air sensor. The design of this mounting bracket ensures a perfect fit so you will not need any alterations from the cold air intake itself. An exact fit really matters with cold air intake to ensure its efficiency. And this mounting bracket definitely meets this requirement. And with this useful component, the cold air intake that you are going to install will definitely perform well.

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