AEM Cold Air Intake Filter & Accessories

Do you know that vehicles work efficiently in cold weather? Well, this is because the cold air that flows inside the engine compartment is much denser holding more amount of oxygen. So when the engine uses this air to mix with fuel, greater amount of power is produced. And so with this condition, the AEM engineers have developed a cold air intake filter to take advantage of this. And to make the performance a success, the design of the AEM cold air intake includes a much efficient filter.

With the AEM cold air intake, the stock plumbing components are replaced which allows the engine to draw cooler temperature from the outside. The AEM cold air intake design includes the AEM cold air intake filter that features high flow of air and works in increasing the amount of air that is fed into the cylinders. So the result is an improved horsepower and torque for about 15 percent. Another great advantage this AEM cold air intake filter features is it uses a reusable and washable material. Great savings actually for you will not need to buy another air filter since you already have this performance air filter from AEM.

So if you want to free yourself from constant purchase of paper air filter, the AEM cold air intake filter is what you need. Consider this as a reward since you and your vehicle truly deserves the best. So what are you waiting for? Try using the AEM cold air intake filter now and experience a quality ride you've been aiming for. Visit Parts Train catalog now and find this item. We also offer other car products and accessories. Rummage our catalog and see for yourself!