AEM Cold Air Intake & Accessories

During the combustion process, the temperature of the air is lowered through the cold air intake. The cold air intake is one of the most sought after aftermarket products today because of the benefits it brings. Not only that it greatly improves the performance of the vehicle but the cold air intake also offers the advantage of enhancing the engine's bay as well as producing a nice sound. An improved look is achieved because this product is available in different colors and sizes.

The development of cold air intake has started in early 80's. Early models of cold air intake were molded in plastic intake tubes and use a conical cotton gauze air filter. And it was in the 90's when AEM have made a much more improved cold air intake that uses a metal tube design to allow a larger degree of customization since this tube is powder coated and painted. AEM cold air intake actually operates in a very simple manner. The cold air intake provides a much cooler air from outside the engine.

Cold air intake actually has different characteristics just to increase the oxygen to the engine including its temperature. There are some designs that uses larger size diameter for intake tube to increase the airflow. A smoother surface on the interior of the intake tube is also considered to lessen air resistance condition. A direct route as well as a tuned length for intake tube is also provided. And finally, a cold air intake filter that is more efficient actually counts. These features are important factors that must be considered when looking for a cold air intake. Well, you can find these all from AEM cold air intake and you can find the AEM cold air intake at the place where you are right now – Parts Train.