AEM Cam Gears Tool & Accessories

Every one aims for an improved performance and because of this, the use of cam gears are now practiced. Cam gears perform by adjusting the power through the cam timing. With the aid of an adjustable mechanism with a light alloy and chamfered edges, the cam timing is adjusted. But once the cam gear is not properly adjusted, the power and torque that you've been aiming for will not be actually achieved. So what you need now is to use some tools that can allow you to do such adjustment easily. And the AEM cam gear tool is what you need.

When installing the cam gears, tuning is the next step that you must do. And you can do this without too much difficulty with a complete set of tools. AEM cam gear tool features all that is used during the servicing, as well as those that are used when removing the timing belt on twin cam gears. A device that holds the cam gears is also included. Once you have this AEM cam gear tool on your cam gears, expect that every last horsepower lurking in your engine is extracted and the result is enhanced performance.

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