AEM Cam Gears & Accessories

If you want your vehicle to achieve maximum performance by allowing yourself to adjust the power that is required with any driving conditions, AEM cam gears is actually what you need. This gear is y used in adjusting the vehicle's cam timing. This device uses an adjustable mechanism that is designed using a light weight alloy and chamfered edges with timing scale. Using this tool is really a great advantage. Once installed, the maximum power you desire is not possible to achieve. Here are some guidelines that can help you adjust and use AEM cam gears properly.

Be certain that the engine is already cold after being used. Once the engine is still hot, allow it first to cool down then prepare the tools that you are going to use during the procedure. Among these tools that you need are the following: 10 mm socket wrench, timing light, 19 mm socket wrench, 12 mm wrench, 12 mm socket, and a set of metric wrenches. First, you will be required to remove the valve cover, but you have to unscrew the eight chrome studs threat. After such, you can remove the plastic cover that coats the spark plug wires. Once you have removed the plastic cover, detach also the remaining bolts that connect the cover.

You can adjust the timing marks as well as the AEM cam gears by loosening the bolts using the metric wrench. After everything is set including the cam gear, properly install the valve cover but not over tighten it. Then you are done and ready to drive the streets. Using a top quality cam gear like those made from AEM could actually boost your vehicle's performance. And if you want to experience such, purchase this product now with the most affordable price offer here at Parts Train. Find the AEM cam gears in our easy-to-navigate catalog.