AEM Boost Controller & Accessories

The method of controlling the boost level that is produced from the intake manifold of the supercharged or turbocharged engine is called boost control. This method is done by affecting the pressure of the air that is delivered to the mechanical and pneumatic wastegate actuator. It uses a device called AEM boost controller that is available in manual or electronic. If your vehicle is not equipped with a boost controller, the air pressure is fed from the compressed side of the turbocharger to the wastegate actuator through the vacuum hose. This air then pushes against the spring found in the wastegate actuator which allows its opening at the same time bypass the exhaust gas through the turbine wheel.

With the spring rate and the preload, the boost pressure that is achieved from the system is determined. The boost pressure actually classify the spring achieving 7 PSI which allows the turbocharger to reach the equilibrium. But there is one common trouble that is experienced in this system, and this is when the wastegate starts to open before the occurrence of the desired boost pressure. This condition actually affects the opening of the boost onset as well as increases the tendency of turbocharger lag. A moderate level of boost is also difficult with such conditions. Full boost may still be reached as partial throttle but will result to difficulty in controlling the vehicle's precision. With electronic control, the throttle is actually allowed to control the boost level, and with full throttle, boost is achieved in maximum level.

When installing the AEM boost controller, several factors are actually considered. Proper care should be well practice to prevent the condition of failing in any other engine components. And since this device offers a great advantage, what you must consider then is to carefully analyze the possible effect. To help you find more useful information including purchase of this product, you have actually come to the right place. That is what Parts Train is all about, serving car enthusiasts to the best they could.