AEM Air Temperature Sensor Adaptor & Accessories

It was in 1987 when AEM has started to develop new cold air intake system that has really improved the horsepower and torque of every vehicle. Through the years, AEM has established a name through producing high quality auto products. One famous design from this brand is the AEM temperature sensor adaptor. AEM temperature sensor adaptor is a device that consists of aspirator, bimetallic sensing element and a vacuum modulator that is used to sense the vehicle's car temperature, both from the inside and outside temperature readings.

If you want accurate and immediate readings, this device can provide you with that. The design of the AEM temperature sensor adaptor ensures an excellent performance. It can highly withstand extreme temperatures without removing the sensor unit during hot weather conditions and during winter. By just following simple instructions, the temperature sensor is changed from inside to outside. It can measure temperature readings from -35 to +120 degrees in Fahrenheit. It is so easy to install, it will not require any drilling and welding procedure.

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