AEM Car Parts & Accessories

Advanced Engine Management or AEM is best-known for producing quality intakes, brake kits, fuel rails, pully kits and cam gears. The brand's reputation concentrates on word only, horsepower! It first tested its efforts regarding custom fabrication on race cars in 1987. Before long it has translated its success in the racetracks to standard car models. Its entire product undergoes strict quality assurance and rigid tests that are often tried on the tracks before they hit the market. It gives them the edge in coming up with superior parts that enhances engine power and maximizes performance.

Do you want to achieve instant torque and bring your horsepower to almost 3,000 rpm? If the answer is yes, the nest step is to purchase the AEM cold air intake system. It has been voted as the best among various intakes in the market. It has a CNC mandrel-bent 6061 intake pipes that are made of aluminum, with a tuned individual pipe diameter and length. The purpose for this is to generate more power during each intake application. The increase in horsepower is assured by the four-layer cotton gauze filter that has a new air horn design. This lightweight device is made of urethane and adds 1-3 hp to the intake system.

Does your vehicle need a brake upgrade? The AEM Big Brake Rotor Kit is an excellent choice because it is easy on the budget and allows you to use the OE brake caliper. Its disc brake rotor has a larger surface area compared to the standard rotor giving it the ability to trim down the car's stopping distance by thirty-three percent. Because of its size, it adds brake torque and lessens the effort that you have to apply on the brake pedal. Its enhanced thermal capacity gives it lengthy performance ability. The AEM Big Brake Rotor Kit comes with caliper repositioning brackets, complete hardware, and instruction manual.

These are just two of the most popular performance parts from AEM. Go to Parts Train for a complete list of our available AEM products. We guarantee that we sell only premium and authentic parts that are of excellent quality. Enhance the performance of your car with AEM!