AEG Fan Blade & Accessories

When cooling down your engine, you need more than a reliable radiator to get the job done. You also need more cold air to help in heat dissipation so that the engine won't break down because of very high temperature. Because of that, most automotive cooling systems are equipped with radiator fans. Over time, though, their radiator fan blades break, bend, and wear out. When that happens, you need to immediately replace these damaged blades with what auto experts prefer: the AEG Fan Blade.Crafted from heavy-duty plastic, this fan blade will instantly replace your banged up factory blade in an instant. Its heavy-duty plastic construction ensures that it will stay sturdy and dependable for years to come despite the heat and the damaging conditions under your hood. Compared to similar blades, you can install this component easily. You don't need to modify anything when setting it up in place and the task requires only a few minutes. All you need to do to bolt it is to remove your stocker and mount the new blade in place.Just like all other products from AEG, the AEG Fan Blade is engineered by the company's designers and engineers with top-quality performance in mind. It's a direct OE replacement, so it's compatible with your other fan parts and the rest of the cooling system. And if you want a new fan shroud and motor to pair this blade with, AEG can also help you. Manufactured using first-rate procedures and strict quality tests, these are among the best fan components sold in the market today.To get this AEG Fan Blade, all you need to do is explore, find the right blade for your ride, and we'll take care of your shipping needs. With a new blade in place, you can expect your radiator to receive its needed air for heat dissipation.