AEG Auxiliary Fan Assembly & Accessories

Do you know why your vehicle has a cooling system? The answer is to prevent engine overheating. Every cooling system has a radiator as its main component. It stores the coolant that absorbs engine heat and then dissipates this heat. To help the radiator in heat dissipation, it needs additional air from the environment. For this, you should mount an AEG Auxiliary Fan Assembly in front of the grille. Unlike most factory auxiliary fans that shut down during demanding driving applications, this assembly from AEG is a top-caliber replacement that won't give in to pressure.The auxiliary fan assembly is composed of a plastic blade, shroud, and motor. The plastic blades are the parts that rotate. When installed, they will serve as a backup once your primary fan fails to provide the necessary amount of air to the radiator. To ensure that the blades are protected from debris and corrosive elements, the fan shroud is crafted from strong materials like glass-reinforced nylon. The fan from AEG is capable of generating 2100 rpm. Because of that, your engine will get all the cooling that it needs no matter what.The AEG Auxiliary Fan Assembly can also be easily installed with the use of the right mounting hardware and tools like a wrench. You can easily connect its wirings to your power source without any complicated modifications needed. Aside from providing air to your cooling system, it can also give your cabin more ventilation once your air conditioner goes down.The AEG Auxiliary Fan Assembly is the perfect partner of your radiator to completely cool down your engine during demanding driving applications. To find this component, all you need to do is browse our selection of AEG parts at Our customer service representatives are always available to give you assistance in case you have questions or concerns.