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Backpressure is one of the most serious enemies of your engine. It causes your engine to expend additional energy to push the exhaust gases out of the cylinders. This energy could have been used for other engine operations. Backpressure is caused by different things, one of which is a malfunctioning exhaust valve. When the valve fails to open in time, exhaust gases accumulate inside the cylinders. Fortunately, you don't need complicated solutions to fix this problem. All you need is an AE Exhaust Valve replacement.The AE Exhaust Valve is the ideal replacement to your vehicle's worn factory valve. Crafted from high-quality steel, it will give you superior durability despite the abrasive conditions in the exhaust system. It's resistant to breakage, burning, leaks, and other forms of damage typical of exhaust valves. Once the part is installed, you won't have any problem with backpressure anymore because it'll efficiently remove all the exhaust gases during the exhaust stroke. Its polished stem has been engineered to ensure superb gas flow. It's also very easy to install. Simply follow the instructions in the service manual and you're good to go.With this exhaust valve from AE, you can say goodbye to backpressure and other valve-related problems like misfires and compression leaks. Your engine won't have to work as hard to expel the exhaust gases, so there will be more horsepower for other engine components. And because of the valve's precision design, you can rest assured that it'll be compatible with your car.This top-caliber AE Exhaust Valve is available here at That means you're just a few mouse clicks and key strokes away from getting this product. When you get it, you'll enjoy a 1-year warranty and longer-lasting efficiency. For more information, check out our catalog today or contact our customer service representatives.