AC Delco Vacuum Advance & Accessories

When igniting the air-fuel mixture inside your engine cylinders, timing is everything. With correct ignition timing, your car's engine achieves efficient combustion and you get superb driving performance. The spark plugs need to ignite the mixture at the correct time. Once this fails, you need to start checking your vehicle's vacuum advance. This is the component that regulates the correct timing at which the cylinders should fire. When the part gets damaged, you'll need a new component as efficient as the AC Delco Vacuum Advance.Once installed, this vacuum advance will instantly increase your car's fuel efficiency and drivability by providing the right ignition timing according to the load and speed of your engine. It features well-designed actuation points and provides maximum spark advance at the same time. With ignition timing improved, combustion becomes more efficient. This results in the creation of more horsepower that is used to turn the wheels. The product is crafted as an original equipment replacement, so you can be sure that it's tailor-made for your vehicle's ignition system.Installing the AC Delco Vacuum Advance will give you no worry as well. With its OEM design and exact fit, it's guaranteed to install directly to your vehicle without any problem. If you have basic knowledge about the part, it would be easy to mount it in place without the need for a mechanic. And with the right installation instructions, you can set it up in no time.Without a doubt, this AC Delco Vacuum Advance is one of the best replacements that you can find. It is available in our catalog here at, together with other high-quality AC Delco parts. For additional information or assistance, you can contact our customer service representatives anytime. Enjoy a high-performance drive with premium parts from AC Delco.