AC Delco Spark Plug & Accessories

Combustion drives the engine. This controlled explosion generates the power that turns your wheels. Before combustion begins, however, you need proper ignition. There are a number of components needed for ignition to successfully take place. Aside from the distributor and ignition wires, you need the spark plugs as well. But, due to exposure to high-voltage electricity, spark plugs are easily damaged. Because of this, it's not surprising that they're the most commonly replaced vehicle components. Fortunately, you don't need to dig deep down your wallet to get a spark plug replacement that would last. There's one name you can trust: the AC Delco Spark Plug.The AC Delco Spark Plug instantly improves fuel economy while preventing engine misfiring. Once installed, it'll feed high-voltage electricity to the cylinders, which will then ignite the air-fuel mixture to start combustion. The spark plugs from AC Delco come in four types: iridium, professional platinum, RAPIDFIRE performance platinum, and conventional plugs.The iridium spark plug uses iridium as its electrode tip. Since it has a higher melting point than platinum, it helps burn fuel more efficiently. Meanwhile, the professional platinum plug is built for engines that use conventional spark plugs. It provides a 100,000-mile driving coverage before being replaced. Since it uses platinum in its electrode tip, it's resistant to spark erosion and to the corrosive environment in the cylinders. The RAPIDFIRE performance platinum spark plug, on the other hand, provides better throttle response, smooth idling, and better resistance to corrosion. It sports a tapered center-wire electrode that ensures accurate firing at all times. Lastly, the conventional spark plug uses a nickel-chrome alloy on its ground electrode. It heats faster and resists wearing.No matter what kind of AC Delco Spark Plug you use, you can be sure that your engine's performance will improve instantly. If you want efficient combustion and more power, check out our catalog at