AC Delco Oil Pressure Switch & Accessories

Aside from fuel, oil is another important fluid that ensures superb engine performance. Without it, engine components will start screeching because of too much friction. Worse, they'll wear down easily as a consequence of constantly rubbing against each other. You need to regulate the oil flow and pressure in your vehicle so that all engine parts get the right amount of oil. To monitor oil pressure, you need an oil pressure regulator. You'll also need an oil pressure switch as good in quality as an AC Delco Oil Pressure Switch.The oil pressure switch is connected to the oil pressure warning light. Once the oil pressure goes below the set level, usually 10 pounds of pressure, the switch triggers the light to blink. This way, you are alerted of the problem and your car's engine is saved from irreversible damage. Compared to other oil pressure switches, the switch from AC Delco is crafted from heavy-duty materials to ensure its durability and reliability. It also sports a stylish finish for great looks. The part is easy to install because it's an exact-fit replacement. So, there's no way you'll have a tough time mounting it in place.The AC Delco Oil Pressure Switch is an original equipment component engineered to meet the requirements of your vehicle. AC Delco engineers have subjected it to tough testing conditions to ensure that it'll last for a long time. Without a doubt, it's the ideal replacement that you need for the busted factory oil pressure switch of your ride.This AC Delco Oil Pressure Switch is already available here at With our easy-to-use interface, you can easily shop and find your needed part in minutes without any problem. And the best part is, you don't need to break the bank just to get it because it comes as an affordable replacement to your stock component.