AC Delco Oil Filter & Accessories

It doesn't take a scientist to figure out that an engine running on dirty oil will never last. Clean oil is a must to keep your engine parts thoroughly lubricated. This reduces the likelihood of premature wear and tear caused by friction. However, keep in mind that the oil in your car's oil system will eventually accumulate dirt as it circulates. When this happens, lubrication becomes affected and the accumulated dirt can damage your engine. If you want your car's oil to stay dirt-free, equip your ride with an AC Delco Oil Filter.The oil filter keeps contaminants from reaching the engine parts. It's equipped with a filtering material that can trap particles as small as 10 microns or around 1/3 the width of a strand of human hair. With such precise filtering, you can be sure that the oil that you use is always clean. As a result, you'll get superb oil flow and improved engine efficiency from your car at all times. The AC Delco Oil Filter features tight adhesive seals to prevent it from getting out of place. Plus, this filter features anti-drainback valves that enable the oil to be retained in the filter for lubrication during engine startup.Compared to other oil filters, the filter from AC Delco is 100-percent compatible with passenger cars, light trucks, and even sport utility vehicles. And since it has a canister design, you can easily install it without having to modify anything. Best of all, it has all the mounting hardware that you will need so that you can mount it in a now offers this AC Delco Oil Filter at a discounted price. To find the part, all you have to do is check our catalog at and we'll make your shopping as hassle-free as possible.