AC Delco Neutral Safety Switch & Accessories

As with many other drivers, you may tend to forget to shift the gears back to neutral when you stop your vehicle. This could be dangerous when you start your car again. But, thanks to the neutral safety switch, your car won't immediately jolt and move when you start it. This switch prevents your car from suddenly jolting forward when you start it while it's in gear, preventing accidents and damage. It's important that you check your stock switch regularly to keep it functioning well. If you find any damage, replace it with an AC Delco Neutral Safety Switch.The neutral safety switch disables the starter when you start your car while the gear is not in neutral or park. Depending on your vehicle's make and model, you can install this component either in the transmission selector shaft or the steering column. And since it's manufactured as an original equipment part, you can be certain that it's compatible with your car's ignition system. AC Delco engineers have also subjected the part to strict quality testing procedures for extra toughness and durability.The AC Delco Neutral Safety Switch is connected to the starter solenoid. When the ignition key is in the start position, the switch opens and prevents current flow to the solenoid. The switch is controlled by the vehicle selector as it moves throughout different gear ranges. You will usually notice when this switch is already working because the reverse lights will also be offers this topnotch AC Delco Neutral Safety Switch in premium quality and exact fit. It's a direct replacement designed for easy installation, and it's guaranteed to work well with your stock vehicle components. For more information about the part, you can check our catalog of premium quality AC Delco auto parts anytime.