AC Delco Ignition Wire Set & Accessories

Engine ignition is always the first step before you can start barreling across all kinds of terrain. Though the spark plugs and distributor are the main parts of the ignition system, they simply can't do the job without the ignition wires. These wires act as bridges that transfer high-voltage current from the distributor to the plugs to ignite the air-fuel mixture inside the cylinders. Unfortunately, constant exposure to high voltage makes the wires prone to damage. Once you find your ignition wires in need of replacements, get an AC Delco Spark Plug Wire immediately.The AC Delco Spark Plug Wire ensures that the engine will never misfire. So, there's no way engine performance will dip at all. Once installed, it will deliver high-voltage electricity just in time for combustion. Compared to other Spark Plug Wires, it's a direct-fit replacement—it has a length, diameter, terminal design, and insulator position similar to your stock set. For increased strength, it features a Kevlar-reinforced fiberglass core that can withstand tremendous pressure and temperature. The core is sheathed in radio-static material that increases RFI suppression by several notches.This Spark Plug Wire is clearly the runaway winner if you're looking for a reliable replacement set. Its wire-wound, stainless steel conductor ensures that maximum spark is delivered day in and day out. And to protect the wires from getting burned by too much heat, they're protected by a layer of heat-resistant latex that's durable and reliable at the same time. Best of all, they feature a rubber-based insulation that helps minimize voltage drop while enhancing durability.With all these amazing features, you can be sure that the AC Delco Spark Plug Wire is the excellent replacement that you've been waiting for. And since it's already available here at, finding it is easy.