AC Delco Ignition Wire & Accessories

Ignition wires act as mini bridges in your ignition system. They transport high-voltage electricity from the distributor to the spark plugs. When you take them out of the equation, there's no way the fuel-air mixture in the engine cylinders can be ignited. In short, without them, your car's engine won't be able to burn fuel and produce horsepower and torque. Over time, however, your car's factory ignition wires will corrode. When this happens, the performance of the ignition system will deteriorate. So when your stock wires become too rusty to get the job done, replace them with an AC Delco Ignition Wire set.The ignition wires from AC Delco, which feature a copper core center electrode, are designed to handle as much as 50,000 volts of electrical charge without getting burned. To prevent these wires from touching one another, they feature plastic insulation that separates each wire. Since they don't touch one another, electrical malfunctions are prevented. Compared to other ignition wires out there, the ones from AC Delco are engineered to meet industry standards. They guarantee improved heat transfer and can withstand low-speed carbon fouling. Aside from that, they've also been tested under extreme conditions to ensure their durability for years.Without a doubt, the AC Delco Ignition Wire set is the last set you'll need to take your ignition system's performance up a notch. Unlike other ignition wires you'll encounter, the ones from AC Delco aren't susceptible to arcing and power leakage. On top of everything, you can easily install them by simply consulting a detailed instruction manual.If you want this AC Delco Ignition Wire set under your hood, start clicking on our catalog at, then place your order. You can easily and quickly get this amazing set without having to leave your home or office.