AC Delco Ignition Module & Accessories

Countless drivers today deal with engines that refuse to start. Although the reasons for not starting may vary, there's no question that engines that don't start cause big hassles that everyone wants to avoid. Aside from burned ignition coils and busted ignition switches, one of the main reasons car engines don't start is a damaged ignition module. Once you figure out that your car's stock module needs a replacement, get only the AC Delco Ignition Module.With a new ignition module, you won't have to encounter ignition problems anymore. This module is designed to control different ignition functions while storing diagnostic trouble codes. It'll help your ignition work in full blast. As such, starting your engine will never be a problem again. Other than that, this module will help your engine combust fuel at a more efficient rate, leading to more horsepower and torque, as well as better mileage. When it comes to installation, you can set up this ignition module in several locations depending on your vehicle and the type of module you get: in your engine compartment, distributor, or distributor housing. To ensure that it'll meet strict quality standards, the product has been tested by AC Delco engineers under extreme conditions.The AC Delco Ignition Module is essentially a kind of electronic control that monitors the operation of your car's ignition system. It picks up signals from a Hall Effect sensor located inside the ignition system. Depending on the information it receives from the sensor, the module controls the ignition coil for efficient transfer of high-voltage electricity to the spark plugs. Once the spark plugs fire, engine combustion ensues and power is generated to turn the wheels.Without a doubt, the AC Delco Ignition Module is a crucial addition to your ignition system. For additional information regarding this auto component, please check our expansive parts catalog at