AC Delco Ignition Coil & Accessories

To ignite your car's engine, you need high-voltage electricity. Everything is set in motion by your auto battery, which generates around 12 volts of current. This, however, isn't enough to ignite the spark plugs. To get the right amount of voltage, an ignition coil is needed. It amplifies the limited voltage from your battery to fire the plugs. Because of its crucial role, it's imperative that you check the coil regularly. When you find your stock coil damaged, go for an AC Delco Ignition Coil replacement.The AC Delco Ignition Coil will help you avoid misfiring, rough running, hard starting, and excessive fuel emissions. Featuring a coil pack design, it ensures that the spark plugs get the right amount of current so that the engine cylinders are fired up at the right moment. It comes with corrosion-resistant laminations, so it's protected from too much exposure to high-voltage of electricity. Its primary and secondary coils also feature molded plastic insulation for additional protection.You won't have any trouble setting up this coil from AC Delco. That's because it comes with the mounting bracket that you will need during the installation process. If you're having trouble mounting it, you can simply consult your service manual for additional information. Compared to other ignition coils sold today, this component has been tested under extreme conditions to ensure its superb performance at all times.We at offer this top-caliber AC Delco Ignition Coil in our catalog. It's a direct replacement part that will work with your stock ignition components well. Its steel plates and laminations are guaranteed to match the original parts in your ride. It also comes with the manufacturer's 1-year warranty. All you need to do to find it is check out our complete selection of high-quality AC Delco parts.