AC Delco Door Jamb Switch & Accessories

Jamb switches enable the lights inside your vehicle to be automatically activated and deactivated. In short, there's no need for you to flick switches each time you open and close your car doors. But then again, stock door jamb switches are not meant to last for a long time and you'll definitely have to replace your stocker sooner or later. These days, there are many replacement door jamb switches available in the market. However, not one of them can match the quality and durability of an AC Delco Door Jamb Switch.This door jamb switch is the ultimate replacement to the damaged and worn-out switch that your car has had for so long. This product will also help you get rid of ugly-looking switches that you would have to flip on and off because it will automatically open and close your car's lights. Basically, a door jamb switch features a magnetic switch actuation style and constant circuit activation. Most switches have an amperage rating of 15 amperes and a bladed terminal. The AC Delco Door Jamb Switch sports a slick black finish and is crafted from heavy-duty plastic to ensure that it will be able to stand the test of time.Compared to other door jamb switches, the one from AC Delco is easy to install. Some of the tools that you'll need during installation are mounting screws, conductor wires, wire nuts, drill, and a screwdriver. You can consult the right service manual for detailed instructions on installation. If you're still having trouble with mounting the part, don't hesitate to call a professional for assistance.If you want to put this top-caliber AC Delco Door Jamb Switch in your virtual shopping bag, you can browse our catalog here at With our easy-to-use interface, you can finish your cyber shopping in minutes by simply clicking your mouse and hitting the keyboard.