AC Delco Dash Light Rheostat & Accessories

Want your car to look good inside? There's no need for grand and expensive upgrades—all you need are the right add-ons and replacements. For instance, you can easily replace your failing dash light rheostat with a high-quality replacement to keep the brightness of your dash lights at the right level and to enhance your dashboard. If you want something that would work for a long time without any hassle, mount the AC Delco Dash Light Rheostat in place of your stock part.With the AC Delco Dash Light Rheostat installed, you can easily dim and brighten your car's dash lights anytime according to your need or the look that you want. Designed to manage the dash lights by controlling circuit resistance, this component is the ultimate replacement to your aging and unreliable factory dash light rheostat. It's crafted as an original equipment product, so it's compatible with your car's dashboard lights.The dash light rheostat is crucial to the proper operation of your console lights. A damaged rheostat can make the lights inoperable, so it's important that you keep it working well. The rheostat from AC Delco has undergone strict quality tests to ensure superb performance day in and day out. AC Delco engineers have subjected it to vibration and shock tests, so you can be sure that it can handle the rigors of daily driving. Without a doubt, it's the perfect replacement dash light rheostat to your vehicle's stocker.To get the AC Delco Dash Light Rheostat, simply browse our complete selection of auto parts and accessories at and choose the one designed for your ride. With our strategically located warehouses across the United States, this product is guaranteed to reach you in no time. If you want additional information or assistance, our agents are available to help you.