AC Delco Crankcase Breather & Accessories

As the rings and cylinder lines of your vehicle age, the sealing in the crankcase loosens. As a result, blow-by gases reach the said part, leading to pressure increase. Blow-by gases are gases forced toward the crankcase by the pressure in the cylinder. These can cause too much pressure in the crankcase and corrosion in the engine if they're not properly evacuated. If your car' performance is taking a dip because of blow-by gases, it's time to eliminate them once and for all—get an AC Delco Crankcase Breather.The AC Delco Crankcase Breather addresses the root of blow-by problems by directly expelling these gases from the crankcase for them to be burned again in the combustion chamber. Aside from that, it also prevents oil from slipping to the crankcase. This breather is crafted from heavy-duty materials and is designed to last for years. To prevent fuel, gas, oil, and moisture from reaching the crankcase, some breathers even feature a top-caliber filtering element. With a properly working breather in place, you'll be eliminating engine blow-by once and for all. Your engine will not only get its much needed horsepower and fuel economy boost but will also be protected from damage.The crankcase breather from AC Delco is very easy to install. The part is an OEM replacement part, so it's completely compatible with your car. All you need to do to set it in place is use the right tools and follow the correct mounting procedures. To make things even easier for you, you can refer on your service manual for the step-by-step procedures that you'll need for effortless installation.If you want to resolve the blow-by problems in your ride, simply check our catalog at and find the AC Delco Crankcase Breather. With our AC Delco parts in premium quality, you'll surely come back for more.