AC Delco Coil Resistor & Accessories

Once you turn on your car's ignition key, so many things happen in your car. Low-voltage electricity from the battery isAMplified by the ignition coil before being transferred to the spark plugs. Once it has reached the spark plugs, high-voltage electricity is then sent to the cylinders for combustion. In a point ignition system, however, too much exposure to high-voltage electricity wears the points easily. To counter that, you car needs an AC Delco Coil Resistor.The coil resistor lowers the incoming voltage after your car's engine has been started. This way, wear and tear on the ignition points is minimized. Aside from that, this part will also make engine starting a lot easier and faster by doubling the voltage flow when the engine is being cranked. The coil resistor is basically made from heavy porcelain to ensure that it handles high-voltage electricity well. Aside from that, it features threaded terminal connections to guarantee better wire retention and better starting even in cold weather.The AC Delco Coil Resistor is the perfect replacement for the second-rate coil resistor in your car. It allows you to install aftermarket coils without worrying about the effects on the entire ignition system. For easy installation, it has a built-in mounting boss and spade terminals. On top of everything, it comes with a detailed service manual that will help you install and troubleshoot it without any hassle at all.To get this top-caliber AC Delco Coil Resistor, just place your order right here at and we'll deliver the part right away. Here at, we don't like to keep you waiting. So if you purchase today, guaranteed that you'll get your order very soon in time for installation. For more information, check out our catalog of auto parts anytime.